Deep Tissue


Deep Tissue Massage

  Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that can be applied in cases where massages such as Swedish massage and Bali massage are insufficient, for people with intense grip and muscle stiffness, targeting the connective tissues and deep tissue deeper in the skin layer and applying harder pressure. It provides relaxation of especially muscles and tissues and is applied to eliminate the pain in those areas with stretching. Tightening, contraction and stiffness are seen in the muscles and tissues due to stress, immobility or wrong movements in the body.

  Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment method for solving these complaints. Deep tissue massage should be applied for problems such as arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, physical complaints caused by exposure to cold. It is especially recommended for people whose routine life is negatively affected by chronic pain. If you have complaints such as chronic back pain, high blood pressure, muscle fatigue after sports, stress and anxiety disorder that increase muscle tension, you should give deep tissue massage a chance.