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  Physiomassage Therapy is a UK-based massage and consultancy company operating in a home office. It provides mobile massage services in their home to people who experience muscle pain.

  Physiomassage Therapy offers massage services for reducing pain such as full body massage, sports massage, therapy massage, foot massage, and head massage. It uses high-quality massage oils recommended by well-known experts. It also provides counselling on basic health and self-care exercises, including breathing and body exercises.

  Physiomassage Therapy offers people the opportunity to experience a professional massage at home without losing time and city traffic. Thanks to this service provided in people's homes, people can feel more comfortable.

  The mission of Physiomassage Therapy is to help facilitate healing, reduce muscle tension, alleviate pain, and restore a client's well-being by providing massage therapy. The vision of Physiomassage Therapy is to deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service while continually learning and looking for ways to improve.



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  Between 2012 and 2016, I studied at the physical therapy and rehabilitation faculty of Hatay Mustafa Kemal University. With my 4 years of professional experience, I decided to focus on massage. I had the opportunity to improve myself in the field of massage.

  My goal is to announce the effects and benefits of massage to more people. For this purpose, I founded my own company, Physiomassage Therapy, in 2020. Blending my anatomical knowledge with massage techniques made me more successful in my job. Being in the Manchester market with 4 years of experience excites me.