Cupping Massage

  Cupping massage is an effective massage technique that has been used for centuries. After lubricating the relevant area, it is applied by vacuum effect in the presence of special cups.

  As a result of improper use of the spine, intense work tempo, stress, accident, getting cold, the blood circulation in that area is blocked. Lactic acid and painful toxins accumulate but cannot be removed from the body. Muscle relaxants and ointments cannot reach the problem area due to the stagnant blood circulation caused by spasm.

  The cupping massage relieves you from this physical burden by showing a unique effect. Cupping therapy shows the 5 massage sessions effect on a single session. It removes the congestion at certain points where waste materials are densely collected. With the Cupping Therapy method, lactic acid is removed by increasing the blood circulation in the hardened muscle area under the skin, and waste materials are freely mixed with the blood and removed from the body via the urinary tract. Thus, all muscle and joint structures in the area are repaired and improved.

Those who want to relax and get rid of;
  • Body aches
  • An ideal method for cigarette and alcohol smokers  (To purify from toxins)
  • Low back and back pain
  • Migraine and headache
  • Arthrosis (Calcification)
  • Painful menstruation
  • Soft tissue rheumatism.
It is an effective massage method in cases such as colds.